The Latest Project Work Announcement That Students Should Be Inspired By

In an unprecedented move, the Department of Project Work has unveiled its plans to refresh its image to make PW more bearable and ensure students put an appropriate amount of effort into it.

The new mascot, G.I. Joe was revealed today at a press event at the PW Command Centre, a small establishment in the middle of a graveyard that is constantly haunted by the sounds of screaming children and trapped souls. The Department feels the new mascot will usher in a new era for PW where students embrace the subject and are able to better relate with it.

the new Project Work mascot

the new Project Work mascot

The mascot takes the form of a military officer wielding a large weapon. It was designed to symbolise the strength, integrity and conformity of GI produced by students. The military officer shows students that every GI must be able to effectively solve problems while being virtually indistinguishable from anyone else’s GI.

PW teachers around the island have applauded the move and hope to see similar initiatives in their own schools some time this year. Candidates for PW mascots include Foxconn the fox and Guantanamo Bay the Guan.