The Waffle Press is a leading publication that deals with almost anything the editors can get their hands on. Our primary objective is to provide a batter take on the latest happenings in a concise and crisp manner.

We work closely on our scientific articles with Dr. Bingley, a leading scientist and science communicator. Dr. Bingley received his BSc in Physics and Manipulative Statistics from the University of Notting, just off the M27, right before Alton. He then famously worked as a Spin Doctor for the Nobel Prize winning Physicist Robert Millikan, gently massaging experimental data to create useful results. He presently works at the RSI, a world leading think tank and research organisation that churns out mind bending findings.

Our editorial team is led by Dr Coconut and Huey.

Dr Coconut is a well known author and sorcerer. He was raised in Narnia by the creepy talking lion and quickly rose in rank to become chief sorcerer for the High King Peter. He received his Doctorate in Magic from the Council of Sorcery and The Cosmos. He has written countless books including “5 Unbelievable Reasons You Should Learn Magic” and “I Studied Magic, What Happened Next Will Move You To Tears”. He is presently terribly busy working towards filling in several pages in exchange for a single letter that will determine his future.

Huey is an overly-successful unicorn jockey and balrog banisher currently beset by unfortunate circumstances. An avid time traveller, he was left stranded in contemporary times after an incident involving a time-turner, a mysterious van and several meddling kids. When he’s not trying to flag down interstellar spacecraft, he spends his time on numerous non-frivolous pursuits including waffle-ironing, hieroglyph inscription and flux capacitor design. He does not reside in Mordor.

Becoming a Waffle Chef is a long and arduous process. To join the legendary ranks of the publication, applicants are required to demonstrate their technological prowess by inflicting their article submissions onto the editors via email. Successful applicants may have their articles published and might be considered for permanent employment.

Disclaimer: Content on this site is just for lolz and is not meant to be factual or remotely significant.

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