CT2: Student Offends Economics Department

A brazen economics student is presently under fire from the Department of Economics after writing a scathing essay criticizing the Departments’ actions over the past few years.

The student, who chose to be known only as “Pineapple Rice”, was demoralized after completing what appeared to be a straightforward Question 4a only to realize that Question 4b was the most horrifying thing he had ever encountered. This sentiment was echoed by many of his peers who likened the question to a Venus fly trap: attracting students before consuming them whole.

In protest, the student attributed unemployment in small economies like Singapore to the tendency of the Department of Economics to crush any hopes and dreams that students may have. He claimed that economics papers killed students’ self-confidence and drive to excel, thereby stifling entrepreneurship and decreasing employment opportunities.

While he admits that simply making economics easier is not a full solution due to the Tinbergen-Theil theory of economic policy, he is confident that addressing this important cause of structural unemployment will have untold benefits for small countries.

Pineapple Rice’s arguments about the importance of free trade and perfect information during the examination were also denounced as balderdash by rigid examiners who advised him to “save [the arguments] for GP”. Despite his best attempts to show that free flow of information produced positive externalities, moving the exam hall towards distributive efficiencies, his tutors remained unconvinced, reportedly glaring at him whilst mouthing “are you kidding me”.

In an unlikely turn of events, due to the positive marking system employed by the economics department, some of the student’s arguments had to be accepted and he is rumoured to have earned an outstanding “pass grade”, having completed all his essays, which is more than can be said for the majority of other candidates.

When contacted, the GP Department said they were mightily offended, but were still debating whether the allegations of the Economics Department held water. They are expected to set it as an essay question in an upcoming examination.