Grad Night In Review

After all the hype and controversy, the fancy dress photo op affectionately called “Grad Night” came and went. Waffle Press reporters were on the scene with the scoop.

The show kicked off with some light banter from the emcees and what appeared to be a message from our sponsors before jumping straight into what many will no doubt describe as the most riveting, and unsettling, dance they have ever seen.

K-Pop Jig

The dance king nominee performed a classic K-Pop girl group number together with his unabashedly fashionable troupe. As members of the audience cheered and shouted, the stoic expression on the faces of the hotel staff made one wonder just how much lunacy they had observed in their time working at the Shangri-La.

The clever decision to employ a large troupe also paid off, as crowd favourites like Waffle Press punching bag Chan Wai and brown hair enthusiast Ellson gave the performance that extra edge.

This particular individual was clearly still pretty miffed about the whole wristband affair

This particular individual was clearly still pretty miffed about the whole wristband affair

While the wristband controversy had been largely resolved thanks to the intervention and mediation provided by this very publication, a new issue presented itself during the event.

Many students were so excited about the lucky draw that they were conspicuously absent when the numbers were being shown, choosing instead to go out and take pictures, no doubt in anticipation of the draws.

Evidently unable to grasp the fact that most students were not interested in sitting through the lucky draws, the organisers chose to force compliance by switching off the lights to herd students inside the hall. This safe and effective technique that some organiser learned while watching SAW the previous night had many students wondering why they were being treated like 6 year olds even after completing their A levels.


Fashion experts from our publication scoured the party and facebook (mostly facebook) in search of the most magnificent costumes out there.

Prominent observers noted that many of those who elected to wear jackets failed to honour an archaic rule, created due to an overweight English King, that required them to leave the lowest button undone. Some speculate that many of them were only made aware of the rule while reading a satirical news site several days later.

Wah Fashion Watch

Mr Wah (seen on the right) excitedly told reporters that he had spent several hours trying to find an ensemble that would display all the available colours for the iPhone 6S. Waffle Press fashion correspondents came away impressed after seeing how he managed to combine the gold bow tie, pink blazer, white shirt and black pants to make himself stand out in a picture with what appears to be a retired Eastern European dictator.

Well Dressed Guan

For reasons that he has described as “time optimisation”, batch superstar Guan chose to don a set of clothes that he would not have to change out of when he went to sleep later that night. Runway has already filed a petition to have the Computer Science Club shut down.

"Can you not, I'm an innovator, bask in it's elegance"

“Can you not, I’m an innovator, bask in its elegance”

While the rest of his attire was standard fare, teen heartthrob Lee Chan Wai impressed reporters with his impeccably selected tie. Despite the severe cloth shortage he was facing (as evidenced by the short and narrow piece of fabric used to produce it), Chan Wai managed to present a fitting response to the age-old question of “checks, stripes or polka dots” by accommodating all of them on this one tie.

Puthran Dress

Mr Puthran explained to reporters “I’m going for the look of an eccentric elderly physician who had to fashion a tie out of his carpet at the last minute.” Indeed taking this into account, one marvels at how accurately he managed to put together such an incredibly apt set of clothes. 

Insurance Salesman

In an impressive display of personality and creativity, Samuel was dressed impeccably as an insurance salesman. Rumour has it he even went around asking the newly minted adults in the hall the all-important question: “are you paying too much for your car insurance?”

Indeed Samuel told reporters that he was ecstatic after the dance queen’s performance extolling the virtues of the humble (and fairly dangerous) moped personal transport device. He was seen later that night sitting in a corner grinning and muttering something about premiums.

Burmese Sherlock Holmes

Decked out in a trench coat and scarf to protect himself from the harsh Singaporean winter, the school’s resident Burmese Sherlock Holmes turned many heads though onlookers were visibly disappointed when he failed to procure a pipe and figure out what fruit exactly they had served with the chicken.

70s Dominic

Having put much thought into his outfit, this charming young gentleman elected to dress as though he were attending his dad’s graduation in the 1980s. The dark checked shirt, khaki trousers and blue jacket with elbow pads made it expressly clear to any onlookers that there was only going to be one king of disco at the dinner.

“The burgundy really brings out my eyes”

“The burgundy really brings out my eyes”

An avid fan of soccer, the Prom King explained that he had dressed in the national colours of Qatar in eager anticipation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. His attempts to have people call him the “Prom Emir” didn’t quite catch on though.

Russell Jig

Perhaps the most outstanding outfit was that of Mr Yip and his identically dressed counterpart. Bringing together Dr Seuss approved socks and sports shorts, they were the only attendees who looked ready to to fight for the protection of Truffula trees.

Muttered Eugene

While we could not ascertain what cocktail of drugs Eugene had taken before arriving, many attendees were impressed by his sudden display of dress sense, at least, before he passed out muntered on the plush floor of the hotel.

Indeed these trendsetters have set the standard for the rest of us to aspire towards. Hopefully this will inspire this batch of students to push the boundaries of fashion and good taste in the precious little time remaining before the next chapter of their lives.