CT2: Student Outdoes All Expectations In Chemistry Paper

A student who has achieved poor grades throughout her life reportedly scored an astonishing 25/20 for the Chemistry CT2 question C2 (OR) (referred to within the department as “we didn’t think you’d get this far“).

The student, Jess See, impressed examiners with deep insights into the production process of all reagents and products with commonly available household equipment. Markers were particularly impressed by her synthesis of a particular chemical compound, known in some circles as “Blue Sky”. She further went on to successfully describe all reaction mechanisms with a skill level characteristic of an experienced chemist and seasoned user.

The teacher who set the question, Dr Walt Er, holds a PhD in organic chemistry and crystallography. Despite his strong credentials, he described the achievement as entirely astonishing. He said “the part that really took the cake was when the student attached a small sample of crystalline organic compounds that displayed exemplary knowledge of the subject matter and a clear mastery of experimental technique”.

Dr Er is presently looking to engage the student in some “experimental and research work, just for fun” outside school, an experience he hopes will allow the student to expand her interests in the area and make significant contributions to the scientific community.

While he chose to keep the nature of the research work a secret, we believe it to be defense-related as the police arrived at Dr Er’s lab just as our reporter left. We understand both teacher and student will be housed in a secure but undisclosed location surrounded by high walls and armed guards.