CT2: Semiconductor Students Not Amused by Cruel Silicon Question

Still reeling from the shocking blow dealt to them by the single semiconductor question in the Physics paper, semiconductor physics students were entirely unamused to discover that the chemistry department had opted to test them on Silicon and Germanium. Our reporters interviewed several students who had embarked on the monumental task of studying semiconductor physics as an optional subject for 6 months.

The students involved were deeply offended and entirely confused when only 1 semiconductor question came up in the Physics paper, making no mention of the space charge region they had come to know and love. Instead, these mathematically inclined physics students were tested on their favourite topic of semiconductors in a lengthy question that appeared in the chemistry paper. But in a cruel twist of fate, the question asked them about irrelevant properties of semiconductors entirely removed from their primary purpose in electrical circuits.

One student said “I’m a physics student, studying periodicity is for bio students”. Another, while echoing his sentiments added “who the heck uses silicon as an acid? It’s a semiconductor”.

The group is also coming under increasing pressure as reports are emerging of the controversy over the single semiconductor question in the physics paper. While our young semiconductor engineers argue that the difference in bandgap would result in a resistivity difference of several orders of magnitude, their pleas fall on deaf ears.

Please extend your support if you see any of these poor students around. Give them a pat on the back and remind them that the MOE H3 students have their exams after A levels.