You’ll be shocked by what this student did!

Students in LT1 on Monday were genuinely mortified to find one of their peers conscious and listening intently in an academic lecture.


The student, renowned snaek Ai Suan Guan, was found to be taking notes as the lecturer spoke; in stark contrast to his peers who were engaged in a mixture of doing homework, using their cellphones and feigning attention.

When reached for comment by our reporter, the student refused, citing his need to pay attention to the lecture they were both seated in. Repeated poking by our reporter was to no avail.

According to the reports we have managed to gather, the student is indeed believed to be of the snӕk variety, partially explaining his behaviour. It is still not entirely understood what a snӕk was doing outside the library during a lecture, an observation that goes against empirical evidence.

The lecturer at the time said she could not believe any person could possibly want to pay attention. “Until now, I could simply put up the answers to the blanks in the lecture notes, no one really cared what else I was doing. Unless I called them out for a question, then suddenly they’d be terrified,” she commented.

The surrounding students were slightly upset at being awoken before the end of the lecture, but eventually opened their eyes wide enough to respond to this reporter’s questions. They remarked the said student was a welcome change to their usual chatty classmates. Whilst they noted the lecture was generally sufficiently soporific, they pointed out gabby students eventually elicited a pause in the constant droning and several sharp remarks from the lecturer, adversely affecting their siesta.

One particular student noted the futility in the student’s decision to listen to the lecturer, pointing out the fact that most lecturers were in fact closely related to The Silence.

The Silence Homework


At press time, the student was seen holed up in the library preparing for exams.