Student Censured For Chemical Blasphemy. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

A student who has the misfortune of studying Chemistry has recently been censured by the Department of Chemistry for arguing that aqueous Iodine may actually turn white and gold in the presence of starch.

A solution of Iodine as part of the Iodine clock reaction in bright lighting

A solution of Iodine as part of the Iodine clock reaction in bright lighting

Referring to a photo on his smartphone, the student argued that the due to the differing levels of lighting available in the Chemistry Labs, the colour of the solution is suspect and subject to interpretation. The student also cited statements from numerous leading scientists backing his claim that black and blue were indeed easily confused with white and gold.

According to the student, the same solution, in a different part of the room

Several other academic departments were roped in to attempt to resolve the dispute. A spokesperson from the Knowledge Skills (General Paper) Department argued that the presence of a topic statement in the student’s answer was of much greater importance than such technical matters. He posited that both colours were entirely acceptable, provided the student was able to sufficiently justify it. He then went on to suggest several other hues to ensure the matter was being analysed from all perspectives.

Professor Bingley from the Department of Physics argued that in the scale of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, purple and yellow were only 200 nanometres in wavelength apart, and that they were approximately the same colour. He then furnished us with a number of marginally humourous jokes to make light of the matter.