CT2: This Student Is Set To Get 75/50 For His GP Paper

Despite several announcements made during and before the exam, one unfortunate student mistook the Economics CT2 exam for a General Paper exam. The student was not paying attention to a single announcement as he hardbound his 8 page dissertation on US spending and the standard of living and proceeded to hand in his script confident of achieving 75/50 for his essay.

Students looking at their peers for ‘inspiration’ are said to have found him staring proudly at his work a mere 2 hours into the paper, as others still frantically struggled to finish their essay. In an act of rebellion, he also failed to write his name and intentionally attached the cover sheet to the back of his manuscript.

The student argued that the distinct lack of the Economics questions made his attempts to study irrelevant. The abundance of entirely vague and diagram-free questions had convinced him that he was in fact sitting for a GP exam.

The Department of Economics has reiterated its stance in favour of listening to announcements as a result of this incident and has called the student “a proper nutter” and suggests slapping him with the invisible hand.

Adam Smith has not responded to our requests for comment despite our in-house necromancers’ best efforts.

At press time, the student was seen trying to remember which three questions he had attempted in the GP exam last month.

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