This Student Goes On Vacation. First You’ll Be Shocked, Then You’ll Be Inspired

To the disbelief of all who have ever been in his presence, the deanses listos, a minor species of snӕk is reportedly going on holiday. With the Common Tests concluding on Friday, this particular snӕk wasted little time engaging in post-paper demoralisation discussion sessions and instead grabbed his luggage and headed off for a vacation.

Of especial interest is his choice of location – the great Foundations of Shaw. This is understandable: though most sane non-masochists would recognise this place as the polar opposite of a great holiday destination, such behavior is characteristic of snӕks. After obtaining permission to curl up in a remote corner and moult, he promptly buried himself under a mountain of obscure quantum mechanics texts for a five minute nap.

Our valiant reporter ventured closer to the snӕk’s den to question him further, at great risk to life and liberty. As it turned out, the snӕk  was influenced by a tutor of his who noted the absolute lack of chance he was giving and suggested he “take 5”.

The inhumane reference had resulted in a great deal of wailing and despair amongst his lesser peers. Unperturbed and largely perplexed by their response, the snӕk then decided upon his current course of action, which he described as “down-payment” for an exemplary teacher’s recommendation.