The Possible Truth About Chill That Economists Think You Should Fear

A consortium led by 7-11 and the Canteen Vendors Association is pursuing litigation against the Chill franchise which they claim has used anticompetitive methods to steal business from smaller enterprises.

A spokesperson for the consortium stated that Chill’s operation went against regulations as it ran 2 air conditioned stores, selling freshly baked waffles and underpriced Delifrance baked goods. He stated that Chill was clearly attempting to bully the smaller vendors through its extensive selection and unbeatable opening hours.

The consortium, which includes the mysterious stall owner of Khoon’s Chinese Recipes, has also laid out evidence, including the exit by 7-11 from the campus as it was unable to compete with the fresh waffles from the Chill outlet.

The case has been taken up by the sprightly Department of Economics which is investigating the matter. A press release from the department has attributed delays in litigation to the fact that “nobody likes that firms topic” and that they were still working out how best to slaughter 1000 students in the upcoming CT2 examination. A significant time lag is likely to ensue.

Firms And How They Operate

The immensely distressing topic

The Department of Discipline has threatened 2 conduct slips and a haircut for all those involved in the illicit practices.